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You might have a few questions…and we’ve tried our best to answer them. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

So, what exactly is a ‘cloud kitchen’?

A cloud kitchen, also sometimes called a ghost kitchen, virtual kitchen, satellite kitchen or smart kitchen is a professional food preparation and cooking facility set up specifically for delivery-only operations. Cloud kitchens contain everything you need to prepare meals, including equipment, staff etc. but have no dining area for walk-in customers.

What makes them so ‘smart’?

Our smart kitchens are powered by data-driven technology to increase the speed and efficiency of food preparation and delivery. Our AI/machine learning-led system has been developed to enhance your experience, making it much more streamlined and personalised to you. In addition, the tech integrated into our kitchen facilities also helps assure quality and hygiene, while reducing wastage.

Okay, but does it really matter where my food is prepared?

Of course it does! All food prepared in our kitchens follows strict hygiene guidelines, and the speedy process means it reaches you sooner. Also, let’s not forget this also means items from all menus across our brand portfolio can be ordered from and prepared under one roof.

I’ve heard of a few other cloud kitchen networks – what makes kaykroo so different?

Glad you asked. There are a number of different cloud kitchen models out there – some that work with existing brands, offer a range of support options etc. At kaykroo, we’ve developed all our own home-grown concepts from A-Z, which means we have full control over the range of menu options, pricing and quality.

All this talk about food is making me hungry – what are my options?

Currently, we have ten fantastic restaurant menus for you to choose from:

  • Manou’she Street: the authentic Levantine eatery that serves oven-baked Mana’eesh, as well as a variety of freshly made salads, wraps and appetizers.
  • The Good Bowl: the eatery that brings you a range of nutritious and delicious salads with all-natural ingredients
  • Bak Bak Chicken: the home of flavourful, satisfying chicken sandwiches and mouth-watering sides
  • Wrapped: the concept that puts a variety of healthy wraps center-stage for lunch, dinner or as a snack
  • Fern El Balad: the neighborhood bakery specializing in over-baked goodness, from flatbreads and pies, to pitas and pockets
  • Hummus Brothers: the team that is mad about hummus and creatively incorporates this superfood into a range of irresistible bowls and wraps
  • SoDo Pizza: the new kids on the block serving handcrafted, awesome and delicious sourdough pizza!
  • The Vegan Table: the very best of vegan comfort food to soothe your souls (non-vegans welcome!)
  • Seven Spisiz: the Middle Eastern-inspired vegetarian cuisine that awakens your senses and takes you on an adventure to the flavorful hidden treasures of the region
  • Susuru: a Japanese Street Food experience delivered straight to your door! Our noodles, ramen and toppings are so “Umai!” they’ll leave you craving more!
Alright, you’ve got me. How do I order?

It’s super easy – since you’re already on our website, just click the ‘Our Brands’ tab at the top. Each restaurant has its own ChatFood link, which will let you order directly from us.

Alternatively, you can order from any of our brands through Deliveroo, Zomato and Talabat.

I live in a kind of remote neighbourhood – are you sure you can deliver to me?

We’ve got 15 kitchens located across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain, and a fleet of over 100 drivers zipping around the country, so our geographical reach is pretty extensive. We also partner with the likes of Deliveroo, Zomato and Talabat to make our menus even more accessible.

Awesome, thanks! You’ve been super helpful.

You’re welcome! It’s been great chatting. Let us know how you enjoyed your meal and come back anytime.